Say the words three times, stand on one leg, what else?

After a couple of months I tried the Apple TV again.

Still broken, so I hassled Apple again yesterday, and to my shock they called back today saying they need some more logs. Can I make it go wrong three times and record the times.

This is sort of say "Bloody hell Apple!" three times, turn around, stand on one leg, sacrifice a chicken, burn special candles, throw salt over your shoulder, fuck knows. Does that conjure their engineering department. I hope so.

We will see. They say they will call back tomorrow for the details.

P.S. They did call back, as promised, and have the times so they can check logs...


  1. Replies
    1. More like

      "I click my heels together three times
      They sparked a little, but nothing happened"

      ... co-incidentally a quote from a different AA :)

  2. At least they appear to be trying to help...maybe this blog has stirred them into action

  3. More like when some _other_ ISP's ask you to do 5 speed tests to prove an issue but they will only allow you to run one test per day on their testing system so it's a whole week before you come back and bother them again, and they hope you either get bored or whatever.issue magically goes away so you stop pestering them...


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