I did take a course in economics.

I did do economics at university - I failed, as it happens, but I also did Maths at O, and A level. I can do "adding up", honest.

Having borrowed one of these things to press reset buttons and remove SIM cards from iPhones, off my son, and then lost it, I thought I would get another. They are very useful and I am amazed that Victorinox don't have one as a standard tool on a pen knife.

So I googled, and Amazon offer them... And just to check I understand this, it is from 19p each but actually for one you pay 50p, for two you pay £11.37, and for three you pay £19.48

OK, I know I failed economics, but I think this one makes no sense to anyone.

So I did a bit more googling, and found someone selling for a more reasonable price, 3p.

Of course, buying something for 3p is a tad crazy, as postage will easily cover a lot more than that, so how does the price break down work on that I wonder...

Seriously, this is 2p at 50 units and 1p at 500 units. I only need one, maybe two so I have one too, but seriously?!

Given lowest postage option was like £4.35 I decided I may as well buy 500, I mean, really, I don't need 500 but, WTF.

It quoted £5 for 500, as you expect, at 1p each. But they it gets complicated.

The actual total for the 500 items was then shown as £7.38 so 1.46p each, hmmm, OK... But the invoice listed them as 2p each so £10 total in the itemisation.

In all, with postage and card surcharge (non EU), I have spent £12.14 which works out 2.42p each. I should have gone for 1000 clearly.

Next question is what I do with 500 pokey things!


  1. Package them in to packs of two and sell them for £10.

    Or, post one out with your sim cards.

    1. Sending with SIM cards is a no brainer, and I had just about got that far in thinking, so office will get a bag of them for that very reason as soon as they arrive.

  2. If you had just clicked the new link on amazon they are 19p /INCLUDING/ delivery. I honestly don't know how they sell and post one for less than the cost of a 2nd class stamp but hey, they do. Could have saved yourself ~£12

  3. Micro-engrave them as 'subtle' marketing?

  4. Sandwich two together with a spacer (in 'parallel') - spacer in wood or 3D printed. That makes one of those things with two prongs for operating those 'restricted' light switches. (I carry the real thing all the time)

  5. All the large Victorinox knives include a stainless steel pin; perfectly suitable. Even the Spartan one:

  6. They might be supplied by HP and each one come in a large oversized Jiffy bag on a pallet.... or 1000 signed for deliveries....

  7. Does your firebrick have a recessed reset button?

  8. Micro engrave an Aston Martin logo on them and sell them as an AM clock adjuster for £50 each?

  9. There are plenty on Aliexpress that come in at about 0.8p each for 1000 of them. If you want 50000, the price drops to 0.4p each.

  10. Nice of you to admit that you failed. Isn't it strange how so many who succeed academically don't do well in the real world, yet many who drop out or fail go on to do extremity well.

  11. Is the question not "what I do with 499 pokey things!" or did you not actually need one in the first place? :-)

  12. Electronics parts are often like that. I bought an IR receiver the other day: at 19p each I decided to buy five in case I needed more. Actual cost, after P&P: £5.48.


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