When is "next day" not in fact "next day"?

Technically, the rant is not that much about DHL, it is about Plates For Cars, a company that print number plates. You can work out why I am in touch with them from previous block post. Top tip - normal acrylic plates from Halfords do not fit the plate holders on a Tesla, you need the metal (thinner) ones!

The ordering page is good, lots of sensible options for style of plate, badges, etc, shown clearly graphically. Very impressed with that bit.

When you get through placing most of the order you get to a page with loads of options for plate holders and screws and all sorts which you scroll past and click to continue, and then to a page with this image followed by a continue button.

On seeing this I immediately took the message that ALL ORDERS (so obviously including mine) are shipped with DHL which is explained as Next Day to UK & Ireland and longer for outside UK. As I'm UK I took that as my order will be Next Day. I was pleased and clicked continue.

This is where my first disappointment comes in. The smaller print above this large and very clear graphic says when I can expect the delivery, had I noticed it. I did not, as the graphic was so clear. They don't ship same day, they ship the next day when they have made it, so it will always be at least TWO WORKING DAYS.

The bit I had not noticed was that there is in fact a choice of DHL Economy or for £2 more, DHL Express. Economy (the default) is 3 to 4 working days away and Express is 2 working days away.

So why hit me with the big graphic saying ALL ORDERS and NEXT DAY when neither is true!

So, bad website design and wrong (lying) graphic. Even allowing for time to make the plate it is either not "All orders" or not "Next Day" for (all) DHL. It is a choice of next day or not, after a day to make it.

Now we get to DHL incompetence, which I have come to expect, and email saying :-

"Your DHL EXPRESS shipment with waybill number 8316007442 from PLATES FOR CARS LIMITED is on its way and will require a signature."

Hang on, that says DHL EXPRESS, which is the "Next Day" option. Wow, good...

It goes on to say expected delivery Monday, which is not "Next Day".

So I wonder which lie it is? Is it not DHL EXPRESS, or is DHL EXPRESS not "next day"? There is at least one lie in here somewhere.

Very annoying, hence the rant.

P.S. They did not fit properly either :-(

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  1. I'm sure I don't have to send you the like to the ASA complaints form...


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