The RevK brand

I am far from retired, and may never be. There is a lot involved in running a company even if you have very good staff to handle a lot of the day to day work. However, I am trying to find more time for myself, and that does mean some times I come up with little projects of my own.

Historically, as a business, we have embraced many new things from laser engraving to 3D printing, and incorporated them in to the business. Indeed, these can be very useful - we use laser engraving on some FireBrick products and right now I am looking in to some 3D printing with flame retardant ABS for a related project. So they are not totally divorced from the main company activity. We are known for broadband, but have always been involved in a wide range of goods and services.

However, just occasionally, it is quite fun to try something completely different. Some times such things are commercial though.

Unfortunately it does not really make a huge amount of sense for me to set up a separate company and VAT and so on, unless I do come up with some more serious viable project. Obviously if I do, then that is a consideration. It also does not make a lot of sense for me to try a commercial project as myself, with the extra tax implications, and so on. So generally new projects that have any commercial prospect do go through the company, even if they are totally off the wall and unrelated to our main business. Obviously that means the business makes any profit from these ventures, and also, obviously, such projects need to be low risk and/or profitable.

So the plan is to make use of my personal brand, "RevK", for which I have a registered trade mark, and the business will sell some RevK branded stuff from time to time.

You may already see that we have RevK reproduction playing cards listed on Amazon.

My latest side quest, as you will have noticed, is these Stargate related playing cards. The good news is MGM are finally talking to me. The bad news is how much they want up front in royalties. The amount per pack of cards is not crazy though. However, we are talking, and it may actually happen. It is a nice change for me to do something creative and fun. So watch this space for possible new RevK branded stuff.


  1. Excellent, I personally am a very big fan of the RevK brand. I find it to be innovative and interesting.

    Just so that it's all clear, this means the purchases will be via "Andrews & Arnold Ltd trading as RevK"?

    I look forward to making many purchases!

    1. Well, the branding will be RevK, but it will be Andrews & Arnold Ltd making the sale as Andrews & Arnold Ltd :-) But yeh... You get the idea.

  2. Also, I think it would be fun if we could run a competition for the best RevK logo. I imagine there are a lot of Gimp and Photoshop techies on here who could make a nice logo. Something that could even be 3D engraved on things perhaps.

    1. LOL, interesting idea. I don't really have a logo :-)

    2. I think we should start the competition...

      Obviously the RevK brand is a trademarked one, so it will need your permission before any such competition can go ahead. Assuming you give such permission, I'd love to see if we get any good design ideas coming through on here!

      Competition rules would be:
      1. Serious entries only
      2. All rights to the logo transferred to RevK upon submission
      3. Bonus points for techy design features like making it QR scannable or making it 3D printable or stuff like that
      4. No prizes other than the warm feeling and street cred you would get from seeing your submission used by the legendary RevK himself

    3. Oh, I think some free playing cards may be in order on point 4 :-)

    4. It sounds to me then like the competition is ON!

      Come on guys, what can you come up with!

  3. Hey RevK, can your card designer page include an upload image for the backs design? Rather than just the default backs?

  4. Any chance of engraved NTE5C faceplates ? And the VDSL SSFP for the NTE5C too?


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