The good, the bad, and the ugly

There are lots of different people in the world. Living in a social bubble, one does not always encounter some of the extremes. Having our dog go missing has highlighted some of the differences though.

The good

There are lots of good people:

  • People that have helped look for Lilly, walking around the area, checking under hedges, knocking on doors and asking people. Putting a lot of time in to help.
  • People that tried to catch her to return her to us.
  • People that have published details and shared details, and given us kind words of support.
  • Even the police, and now the press, that have taken it seriously.
Thank you all. Hopefully she will be returned.

The less good

There are obviously people that are more indifferent. I can understand that. I can understand that people probably have just ignored a dog wandering alone. I understand it even more during a pandemic - not just hassle to catch a dog and hand her in, but it means interacting with more people to do so. There can be other reasons for not helping, too. But either way, thank you for not being bad, though.

The bad

It seems, from reports we have had, that someone picked up Lilly, in a car, and took her away. Initially we thought this was good, as they would surely hand her over to police, vet, council, etc.

Sadly not, no sign of her. This is why the police are now treating this as a theft.

She is old, spayed, and no value to anyone else - why do this?

The ugly

There are people that actively call those that have lost pets (no doubt from a burner phone), demand money, and threaten to cut the dogs head off and put it on the gate if not paid. I am at a loss for words, sorry.


  1. I am significantly allergic to dog hair. As a result I don't go near any dog despite the fact that I like them. It's just not worth the following hours of misery even if I take anti histamines. Some people have good reason for not going near a dog on its own beyond covid issues.

  2. I am sure you've already done it, but if your dog was chipped, please make sure that the details are up-to-date; especially if chipped via PetLog - they've had some, erm, issues - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56536389 - Hope that you are reunited soon.

  3. Can't imagine the hell you're going through. I hope you find Lilly back soon.
    Greetings from a stranger from Amsterdam that stranded here browsing Thingyverse.

  4. Can't imagine the hell you're going through. I hope you find Lilly back soon! And I hope she finds you back too, she must be devastated. Greetings from a stranger from the Netherlands that stranded here after browsing Thingyverse.

  5. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry, hope your dog is found safe and well soon.

    And may those scumbags get what is coming to them


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