A use for the keypad

The Solar System alarm that I have created does work with a standard Honeywell Galaxy Mk7 keypad/display module.

However, until now, I have not really managed to work out a good use for how the keypad can be part of the system. But I have been working on that.

We now have clear display of inputs that trigger alarm, or inhibit setting, or faults, or tampers. We have setting the alarm, and unsetting using a PIN. Yay!

The way it all works is down to a small PCB, designed to fit inside the case of the display. It works off the same 12V supply, and provides RS485 to the keypad/display.

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  1. Thanks for the brilliant write-ups on this project!!

    I'm trying to build an alarm system for my parents using a central ESP32 on a custom PCB with a number of (existing) door/motion sensors wired to it. I'm planning to implement the system using ESPHome so I can easily integrate the sensors into Home Assistant for other purposes, but I want to have a physical keypad and can't find a neat way of doing this with ESPHome.

    Your Honeywell Galaxy keypad implementation looks perfect for my case. There's an existing wired keypad that I could replace with a Honeywell one with the RS485 back to the central ESP32 to receive keypresses/send screen text. Whilst I am comfortable with the hardware stuff and ESPHome, I have no idea how to implement your keypad library in ESPHome to receive the keypresses and send text to the display. Is there anything you could point me towards to help me achieve this?

    Thank you


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