And another board

And another board, just works.

One of the designs I made a while ago was a very small "generic" ESP32-WROOM-32 module. It had a 6 pin connector (normally a SPOX 2.5mm, but can be 0.1" headers). It was GND and 5 GPIO pins. It really was tiny, and has proved very useful.

But occasionally I need more pins, and a full size general dev board is much more bulky.

So I made a Mk2 that is a bit bigger. 2x8 pins, all of which can be GPIO. By default one each side is GND, and the next ones can be linked to DC supply or 3.3V. 6 of the 8 have BAV99 diodes for ESD protection as well. The whole thing can be powered from DC contacts (4V-40V) or a USB-C lead. The USB does serial to make easy to load code, and there is an RGB LED as well.

It is still pretty small, but a bit more useful.

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  1. I was doing some research after reading about your modules (they look very nice and neat to me) and came across this article:


    that says that BAV99 diodes "on their own" do not actually protect against ESD. Something like a dedicated TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) diode like this one:


    might be a better choice in future designs.

    Best regards,


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