Getting data out of smart meters

For the tariff I am on, I needed a smart meter - there are various concerns about smart meters, but having actually got them, I want to be able to make use of them for the one thing they are good at. That is accurate usage data in real time.

Yes, for electricity a current clamp also works, but how "calibrated" is that exactly? Getting the data from the actual smart meter is much nicer.

But how?

Well, it turns out that there is an in home display you can buy which links to your smart meter and also to your wifi, and will send data via MQTT!

Slightly redacted MQTT smart meter data

It seems I can get electricity updates every 10 seconds, and gas every half an hour. It even includes electricity export data (although only a cumulative figure).

Next step will be putting data in to an SQL database.

And yes, it shows export real time as well :-

What is this marvel?

It is the Glow from Hilderbrand. They have been quite good sorting it out - it was to be an SMETS1 unit, but with new smart meters it is the SMETS2 that I have.

So far, I am impressed.


  1. Oh, shiny. ISTR I asked them about that, and they were quite insistent that it wouldn't do local connections, only remote. Glad to see they fixed that! Did they also bring it into the 21st century and add IPv6 support?

  2. Doing exactly the same, but using InfluxDB rather than SQL. Works very well.

  3. I have the SMETS2 as well. HildyGlow are really helpful in their API and getting it up and working with MQTT.
    I mostly use the Android app and stream the date from the unit to a RPI to try and discriminate between turning on the toaster with two slices or 4 slices v the tumble dryer


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