Unique skills

Unfortunately my son was right when assessing that I have a skill which he did not have and that I could therefore help home with his car...

He was failing to loosen the nuts on the wheel he was changing.

Sadly the unique skill I have was described by him as "30kg more mass than he has".

Saldy, he is right.



  1. You can't knock a 6" nail in with a tack hammer?

  2. Surely his error is in not having a long enough handle on his spanner? Well that and allowing the idiot that last fitted the wheels to tighten it up as far as their pneumatic appliance goes...

    I always hand them the manufacturer supplied wrench and invite them to loosen the nuts using it (and remind them that they could have trucks hammering past their ass as it happens)

  3. Top tip: put the wheel-brace on the nut at a horizontal angle, then find a bit of road-side detritus to prop-up the upward-moving anti-clockwise arm, then simply lower the car gently a bit. Works every time.

  4. Kicking the wheel brace is where its at!


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