Consumer IPv6 router - at last!

We may have it at last - I am not saying who just yet as it is all beta/test software and field trials, but we should have something real soon now.

It looks like working with a manufacturer closely, even providing one of our broadband lines in their R&D offices, may have paid off.

We are testing and giving feedback, but looking very encouraging. Testing so far is that IPv6 "just works", and even though it has wifi and a 4 port switch and both DSL and PPPoE WAN, it is sanely priced to be our new "free with service" router.

We'll put details for field trials on the web site soon.

P.S. and perfect timing as comcast starts IPv6 in the US 
Thanks BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15691319


  1. Exciting!

    Although I'm still finding the billion thing a good compromise.

  2. Billion seems fine - except it is costing me thousands to do them as the free routers and you know that comes out of my pocket :-)

    The new routers are around a third of the price and look to do just as much!

  3. Any idea how long before you can reveal who the maker is?

  4. I hope to have some to ship Friday, but as a trial. The suppliers are being helpful and even making code changes same day, so I would rather not upset them. i.e. we will ship under trial terms.

  5. My billion router works well with ipv6 :) But my android phone seems to pick up invalid ipv6 details somehow and breaks all internet acccess to the phone if ipv6 is enabled on the router... Hmm , probably this is not the right place to ask about that though :P

  6. This is great,an affordable router is the only thing left that's stopping me switching to IPv6. I'm happy to be part of the trial but as a light home user I'm probably not in the best demographic.

  7. Any idea whether the Draytek 2750 is up to the job of handling IPv6 properly?

  8. Sorry, no idea. So that is one product that is not what we are testing then :-)


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