Do you know this man? (please share/retweet/etc)

On 25th October, at a booked social event at The George Pub, Queen St, LONDON.

There were reserved tables but the pub was open. The food was nice (thanks to the sponsor). It was, almost, a really good evening.

At around 9:30pm that man walked in, cased the joint, picked up a bag and walked out. The bag had several thousand pounds worth of camera equipment, but as I know myself it is a terrible experience having anything stolen. Tom lost his wallet and car keys as well. It is a nightmare.

Being geeks we had a lot of shiny there, including new iPad2's and iPhone4S on the table. Tom and I often have our cameras. My camera was in the middle of the table! I think if someone had reached over and taken my camera people would have noticed. I would hope so. Tom had sensibly put his bag with other bags by the table in the middle of the group. Nothing to give any clue it was in any way valuable. The pub was open to the public and this git just sat down amongst us, picked up the bag, and walked out. It looks like he sat right next to me, and I did not notice. I really am sorry Tom.

The police could not give a shit, and were in fact much more concerned over Data Protection issues with getting the video! Apart from the fact the DPA has specific exclusions for detection of crime, they say this video is not clear enough to identify this man - in which case it is NOT PERSONAL DATA and NOT SUBJECT TO THE DATA PROTECTION ACT. So please, retweet, share, whatever - lets see if the public can find this creep if the police cannot be bothered.

Video, stills, and contact details here.
[As Tom points out, available via IPv6 as well, of course]


  1. The best idea so far is wait a bit and try http://www.stolencamerafinder.com/ which searches images for serial numbers. Seems google do something with EXIF data too, but not found a way to search for images based on camera serial number yet.

  2. There's also a video here (hiding all faces except the thief's):

  3. So sorry to hear that Adrian, hope they catch the shit xxx

  4. Does he know the Service Tag for the Dell Mini 9? Worth reporting to Dell as stolen should it be returned for service at any point?


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