Where do you eat when in Harlow?

I have said where not to eat in Harlow already, and even though they apologised and sent a £40 voucher, we decided to try somewhere else...

So this time, again visiting siter-in-law (hi Pauline) we went a bit out of town...

The Nag's Head in Much Hadham.

What can I say? Quaint old pub. Proper pub food. Nice Sunday lunches. Really nice dessert. Even the garlic bread I had as a starter was nicely done. Polite and friendly staff, reasonably quick service. Very popular (book in advance).


  1. So glad you enjoyed your meal. I must admit it was lovely , big thanks for sorting out inter net and my clock lol xxxx

  2. I think you answered your own question...you don't. I know of lots of good pubs from much hadham and further north but no doubt that's going to be a bit far. However, next time give this one a try, it's the John Barleycorn in Threshers Bush. An excellent pub, and a bit off the beaten track: http://thejohnbarleycorn.co.uk/

  3. It is a good pub but they have changed hands and the food is not as good as it used to be , but still not a bad place, not a patch on Nags Head x


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