Clean desk policy?

Finally moving in to new offices - after several minor delays.
(Does this desk make me look fat?)

Hopefully we have everyone in by the end of the day. Well done to everyone chipping in, and moving desks and phones and computers and everything else.

Update: It would be cruel not to include this one too. And I did a lot of supervising with a camera in my hand. Impressed with all the work done by everyone.


  1. I fundamentally cannot understand how people can keep their desk really really clear all the time.

    Mine is always laden with paperwork, various phones (some plugged in some not), cables, bits of computers, various random tech, boxes. Loads of stuff.

    An ex-colleague used to berate me with "tidy desk, tidy mind". I retorted "empty desk, empty mind". He didn't have an answer for that.

    1. Agree totally - we don't have a clear desk policy - I argued with employers before on that, and they would make up excuses for it which could be (and were) defeated easily. E.g. they said we cannot have confidential documents visible on the desk or some such, so from then the print system printed "non confidential cover page" on the front of all documents, etc. They gave in eventually.

    2. I have a "clean desk" policy; when finding things in the clutter on my desk becomes impossible, the desk is cleared into a storage rack. Anything that doesn't make it back onto the desk within a week is clearly junk, and treated as such.

      Means that there's typically 7 days a year where I have a clean desk...

    3. That is kind of what the picture shows in my case too :-)

    4. I do a similar thing occasionally. I'll clear my desk into the drawers I have, if it's not used in 5 years it gets disposed of. Possibly.

  2. I have some photos of a clear desk at home. It gets completely cleared about once a year. It lasts for less than a day.

  3. What about clean desktop though? That iMac desktop looks pretty full ...


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