"In stock" my arse!

4gon.co.uk still list the ruckus 7811 as in stock :-

They also offer 1-2 day delivery :-

Yet when you order they say :-

Many thanks for your order, please be aware that we have to order this
product directly in from Ruckus, there is a 4-6 week lead time on this.

So that sounds a lot like they were outright lying to me to get my business. Sounds a lot like an offence under the Fraud Act 2006 to me.

Then they ask :-
Please advise how you wish to proceed?

So I have suggested that maybe they can ship the one they have In stock on their 1-2 day delivery...

We'll see what happens.

Update: (12th) They finally changed their web site.


  1. Wait 24 hours for the payment to be processed by their bank and than ask for a refund as you needed it in 2 days. That way they can't void the transaction and it should count as two transactions (a Charge and Refund).

  2. Have you tried http://www.selcoms.com/ (where we buy Ruckus from)

  3. This is becoming a common trend with some suppliers I find, particularly people like WAE+ where I ordered "in stock" goods once and they didn't actually process the order for over a week even though when they did they went out next day. I worked out who their wholesaler was though (of course they just drop ship) so I just order them direct now, and much cheaper! I don't mind companies who drop ship providing their stock claims are true.

    There are various suppliers I just don't use as I know their "stock" claims are lies.

  4. Try ordering a Raspberry Pi from RS. "Dispatch expected within 1 week". 3 Weeks later no dispatch. RS call centre won't answer questions about the Pi. Email address doesn't respond. Raspberry Pi forums full of complaints yet the foundation don't care and wash their hands of it.

    When did appalling service like this become acceptable?


  5. I ordered the Home::1 service from an ISP. It took nearly 2 minutes before what I ordered actually arrived.

    What is going on with these companies?

  6. There seem to be a lot of companies out there happy to accept extra money for next day delivery who then don't dispatch the item for several days (on next day delivery then) and who don't see anything wrong with this. Presumably they'd be happy if I said I'd pay them immediately (once I got around to it in 6 weeks).

  7. It's a trick to speed their demise in favour of Amazon, who does not allow such bullshit on their site.


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