Disappointed with FaceBook

It is one of those weeks isn't it :-)

We have been trying some promotion on FaceBook, with an AAISP page, and some promoted posts. It is not that expensive, and we are trying to build up a bit of a community, etc. I think it is all working well, but FaceBook do have some odd ideas on some of their rules.

I did a post about trailing our new Office::1 service, and included the diagram:-

Unfortunately they rejected this as it "contains more than 20% text". I even resubmitted with a comment explaining that it is under 20% text. Still rejected. Arrrrg!

Oddly, and getting more "likes" a post showing the same image re-arranged like this was not rejected.

I have sent in a complaint and we'll see what they say.

Update: In spite of sending facebook the above re-arranged version as well they have come back with a stock reply saying my original image breaches the 20% rule. Are they stupid or what

Update: Even though they say that the rule is that the image must not be more than 20% text, the actual rule is that no more than 5 grid squares of 5x5 grid on the image must have any text in them. That is not the same as "less than 20% text" by a long way.


  1. Hmm so because of the length of my screen, I saw your "revised" image as just image before, and just as I scrolled to see the rest of the post I then saw the rest.

    Still chuckling now. Classic bit of pedantry.

  2. First of all, huh? So what if it contains more than 20% text how is that a bad thing?

    1. Indeed, crazy rule. To add to the fun - if we do a post with no image, then they use our logo which they then deem to be more than 20% text, so we have to have some image on any promoted post!

  3. Have you tried submitting it with a background image? If there's something other than white/block colour in the background their text detection algorithm might not trigger.

  4. I was surprised that you double up on everything but not the FireBrick - if this goes then everything goes.

    1. A couple of people have commented on that - it is not, however, as daft as it sounds. The modems can be configured to operate on a single line as a router if needed, so there is a fallback possible if a FireBrick fails. We know how FireBricks are built though so we are pretty confident in them - I can safely say that the build has been to meet a quality and reliability target, not just a price.


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