I have no idea on Swedish law

I suspect this comes under EU and/or international civil aviation rules.

My not-yet-daughter-in-law got a ticket (paid for by her mum in Sweden to a Swedish travel agent) from Heathrow to Copenhagen, went to airport, and there was a fire and all flights cancelled. She gave up and came back here. Missed the funeral.

So, claim for it...

Company calls and leaves voicemail saying she cannot have money back as ticket was used for Stanstead to Copenhagen flight. WTF?!?!

Company calls again and leaves voicemail saying she cannot have money back as ticket was used for Heathrow to Stockholm flight. WTF?!?!

So how the hell do we sort this - are the rules the same all over EU on this. You pay for a flight, and it is cancelled, at the very very least you get money back, and ideally compensation for the round trip to the airport.

Anyone know how it works in Sweden?


  1. The EU regulation 261 entitles airline passengers to financial compensation for cancelled flights or those delayed by more than 3 hours. The compensation can be as much as €600 per passenger on qualifying flights.

    1. Note that 'Closure of either the airport of arrival or the airport of departure for non-security and non-meteorological reasons.' is one of the suggested 'extraordinary circumstances' that mean the airline do not have to pay compensation. (They still have to refund you.)


  2. According to http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/flight-delays#cancel "if the flight you were on departed from an EU airport, regardless of the airline, OR you were on an EU airline and landed at an EU airport". So flying from Heathrow (in EU) to Copenhagen in Denmark (in EU) would definitely qualify.

  3. If her mum paid on a credit card I'd be tempted look at a chargeback - the airline didn't provide the services they originally agreed to.

  4. As for "the ticket was used", don't accept that excuse, at least not without an audit trail. Anyway, they claim it was used for two different flights - sounds like they're making that up, to me.


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