BT Group plc shareholder

I have a 5p share in BT group plc, the sole owner of British Telecommunications plc.

I acquired it because someone (a customer I think) was kind enough to give it to me. He had direct ownership of some BT Group plc shares and so filled in the form to assign one share to me. I really appreciate this, but I cannot, for the life of me, recall his name (I must blog on my inability to handle names some time). I would be happy to acknowledge his contribution if he contacts me again.

Now, I am not sure how it usually works. I looked at trying to buy some shares, but it looked complicated using brokers.

What I would like to do is get maybe 25 of the BT Group plc 5p shares, for which I am more than happy to pay market rate plus a free FireBrick dragon, so as to give one share to each member of staff.

I feel it is somehow empowering if every one of my staff, in dealing with BT, can say "I'm a shareholder, you know"...

All a bit of fun :-)

P.S. It would also mean we could all attend the AGM :-)


  1. In the interests of balance and fairness, shouldn't you(+staff) have some TalkTalk shares too?


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