I have liked the odd 9gag thing before.

I did not "like" this post.

Facebook are telling people I did!

That is defamatory and fraudulent.

That is both civil and criminal liability for Facebook.

Not sure what I should do.


  1. They're doing this again? A few years ago, the BBC ripped the PR guy new one about this: https://youtu.be/C6sUIGVS0os

  2. > Not sure what I should do.

    It's simple, stop using Facebook.

  3. Recorded delivery letter to Facebook about processing of inaccurate data, and exercising your right to object; MCoL if no change, if you have suffered distress as a result of this?

    1. Well, actually, as a result of my Blog, Facebook are investigating and think it is some sort of "clickjacking" and they are sorting it.

  4. Specifically, a clickjacking attack is one where a malicious website has something legit looking that you click on (typically an "X" on an advert) that visually hides something like a Facebook Like button, but is transparent to clicks. Thus, you click the X to close the advert, the browser forwards the click to the Facebook Like underneath, and you have sent Facebook a genuine Like for the content.

    Understandably, if Facebook catches people using clickjacking to generate Likes, they're liable to lose their Facebook accounts completely.

    1. Ah possibly explains why I quite often see fb friends liking shameless commercial organisations. I have always assumed something fishy must be going on.

  5. I see this all the time with amazon.
    People have clicked like on amazon and then when amazon place adverts on facebook for _specific items_ it says that the person liked it.


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