The power of the blog

My blog and my twitter account are starting to get to a sort of critical mass. A level where, on almost any subject, someone will read my blog who has some connection to that subject and do something about it.

I have found this quite a few times recently, whether it is a post regarding Royal Mail, BT or even more obscure suppliers. I get a nice email from someone that has read it that either is themselves involved, or knows someone, involved with the company in question and is able to get someone high up to take the matter seriously.

This has actually led to several issues being properly resolved after a blog post.

But how does one use this power?!

Well, for a start, I need to not "go to the blog" as a first resort - it needs to be there after I have tried the conventional means to resolve a problem. I need to make sure I give people a change before "going public". That really is only fair and I would hope the same applies when people are cross with something I (or A&A) has done.

Heck, the whole involvement with Parliament over the IPBill started because of tweets of blog posts coming to the attention of a Lord.

But I do have to say that it is nice to be taken seriously... well... at least by some. Thank you. I will not abuse the power - honest.

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  1. Have you checked your Klout Score lately? Lots of call centres now use Klout and if you're tweeting or faceaching their socia media teams, they can see your Klout and you'll basically get special treatment as they know if you slate them it looks really bad!


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