How slow can it be?

So, I order stuff on the Internet occasionally as we all do. In the UK there is usually next day or two or maybe even three day shipping, but usually any delay is not the courier/post but the sender taking time to ship.

Overseas, can take longer, but I have ordered stuff next day from the US before now and it works.

But this was just "shipping", and is strange...

I mean, why sit around in Salt Lake City for 4 days - how is that helpful having a courier or postal service that does that - it means storing shit.

And then, 3 whole days since "departed" from London. What UK courier or postal service would not have got it here by now.

Very annoying.


  1. Yeah, couriers simply lie. I've had stuff shipped to me from Hong Kong reported as "arrived in Frankfurt", then three days later it was suddenly still in Hong Kong waiting for transit.

    (And the reason to store is agglomeration: have a box in SLC labelled "London", and wait until it fills up to ship it.)

  2. I particularly like Royal Mails thing in Slough where you can find boasts about it processing international mail from inbound to outbound in 18 minutes.

    They omit to mention that it might go through customs where it could take 8 *WEEKS*.

    No tracking of your item within that RM location of course so you don't know if your item was one that took 18 minutes or 8 weeks 18 minutes...


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