Blizzard working on IPv6

I am pleased to see an email from Blizzard on the IPv6 issue.
Hello Adrian,

Thank you for contacting us earlier and I hope that you are doing well.

As discussed previously, the issue you mentioned was under investigation and changes have been made which should address the Ipv6 connection issues you and other players were experiencing. 

Best regards,

Blizzard Entertainment

But rather puzzled by the email. It seems my email address which has a local part of "battlenet" has been obfuscated to "BATTLEN**". Yes, the also changed case which could impact delivery. Obfuscating an email address is fine for display in text, but oddly they have actually used the obfuscated address to email me, i.e. BATTLEN**@mydomain with actual stars in the local part!

This only got to me because I run a wildcard on the domain.

That is special in the extreme!

Sadly these changes that "have been made" have not in fact helped. I still cannot play with IPv6 ticked on the game. Shame.

Update: They marked by ticket "resolved"! I have opened another, and found a forum post on the EU forum http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17612333772?page=1#post-8

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