Paper planes

From what I can tell, one of the crazy things in this world is that a paper aeroplane, flown outside, is covered by the Air Navigation Order and regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority.

What makes this especially crazy is that you can now buy a drone that is smaller than a paper aeroplane!

This drone has no camera, so is pretty much OK to fly around outside, but my grandson is getting one for his birthday which is only a fraction larger and has a camera! That means it is subject to section 167 of the Air Navigation Order and will actually be ILLEGAL for him to fly outside his home (being a congested area). It too is smaller than a paper aeroplane!

What a mad world in which we live - not just in terms of amazing technology, but amazing laws...


  1. What about a paperplane with a camera?

  2. Laws are indeed an ass! You're quite right.

  3. I've had a drone collide with the side of my head. They're a lot heavier than paper aeroplanes, even the small drones. I'm all in favour of the laws, how long before your grandson flies his drone into someone?

  4. Laws are very hard to write. Think about something simple like "No Vehicles allowed in the park". What is a vehicle? A car surely isn't allowed in the park, but what about a motorbike? A Bicycle? A Bicycle with a little engine to assist peddling? A Skateboard? Roller scates or those shoes with skates in the heel? A Mobility Scooter? A Segway? Is a remote control car a vehicle or something else?

    Where, and how, do you draw the distinction in such a simple rule?


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