Playing cards

Well, I am pleased to say we now have five packs of cards on Amazon. Sadly we don't have the Stargate cards yet, and I have a bad feeling that is going to finally hit a brick wall (more on that later).

Click on the pack for the Amazon page. Ideal Christmas present / stocking filler :-)

P.S. And yes, these are going for cost price, but if they are popular I'll buy in a larger quantity and get the price down.

A&A branded (with extra 11 card)
FireBrick branded (with extra 0 card)
RevK branded Left Handed deck
RevK branded Goodall & Son reproduction deck
RevK branded (well sort of) White Minimalist deck

All designed by me, see https://www.me.uk/cards for downloadable artwork for my card designs.


  1. My favourite ones are the RevK Quality 19th Century Goodall & Son Reproduction UK made playing cards.

    What is the best game to play with these cards please.

    Also the photos are excellent, how was that done so nicely with such a clear pure background.

    1. The Goodall ones work well with cards on the table, like black jack, but not really any good for Bridge where you have a fan of cards in your hand. The photos done using a lit shooting table. I must blog on that some time.

    2. Where would one go to purchase the RevK Quality 19th Century Goodall & Son Reproduction for those living in the United States?

  2. Does anyone else think left-handed should be hyphenated?

    1. Yup. It's a two-word compound adjective describing the deck, and should really be hyphenated.

    2. Brilliant. I love clarity when it comes to grammar. Does anybody have any good links to online guides about common grammar mistakes (not the usual stuff about apostrophes; rather, some slightly more sophisticated tips and advice)?

      Thank you. Dick Cheney. ��

  3. thanks, but the cgi page shows "Internal Server Error"


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