Marmite popcorn

I thought I would do a new recipe, this time Marmite popcorn.

I say recipe, but that is kind of it: Popcorn + marmite.

The video makes it clearer...


  1. If you put the Marmite jar in the microwave for a few seconds it would make the whole process much easier. I use the same trick in winter when the kitchen is cold overnight and it's hard to spread. A few seconds in the microwave softens it up nicely and it's not detrimental to what's left in the jar for next time.

  2. Pfft, a real Marmite fan would inject straight into the veins.

    Disclaimer: Not a Marmite fan but married to one.

  3. Next week on 'Kooking with Kennard', Adrian will show you how you can use Marmite as a substitute for heroin. All you will need is; (1) a somewhat comically oversized syringe bought from Amazon, (2) Marmite (bought from Amazon), (3) a microwave (From Amazon) and lastly a CD of the album 'Thirteenth steps' by A Perfect Circle, which may be obtained from Amazon.


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