TAZ 6 printing tip of the day

I rather like my TAZ 6. I actually have the Pro (dual head) one now, but to be honest I have not used the dual head aspect - I was hoping to print support material but failed to make that work well. A two colour print maybe one day, but generally not something I have needed.

However, one small tip for you... Getting one of these (just ordered it from Amazon). I am sure there are other makes as well.

It is a magnetic sheet that sticks to the bed, and then a metal sheet with the PEI coating. The magnet sheet holds it in place. You'll need to adjust your Z-axis offset setting, obviously.

The only downside is it takes longer for the bed to heat, but there are several advantages. Oh, and I had to clip the corners, which is silly as it was sold for this printer.

  1. The sheet can be removed and flexed, this makes it easier to clean, and to remove printed items. Even so, items stick to it very well (better than the original bed).
  2. The PEI can be damaged on a printer if you have to scrape something off - I have had to replace the sheet on the main print bed before and that is hard work - but if you use one of these you can simply buy a new sheet and plop it on - no messing.
  3. The rubbery magnetic sheet is a bit flexible - so if the levelling is slightly off and pushes in to the bed it does not mess up the print totally. You can end up with the first layer not printed cleanly, but the rest is OK. I find with the original bed on glass if the first layer is too low you jam the feed and the whole thing won't print. This slight flexibility seems to help.

Overall I am impressed - it would be neat if Luzbot did this as standard instead of the glass/PEI bed. E.g. maybe glass/magnet sheet instead.

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  1. A steel flexbed is standard fitment on many cheaper printers, e.g. the Prusas


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