Ethernet to the premises

Well, there have to be some perks if you live adjacent to the MD of an ISP.

I'm heading round to the neighbour's with a nice SRS drill and long 10mm drill bit, and some exterior grade cat5e shortly to provide them with our first "Ethernet to the premises" over copper...

Pictures to follow :-)

OK, so far, just run through windows as a proof of concept. Holes in walls tomorrow maybe.

Well, managed it without making holes! Just need cable clips now.


  1. I sure hope the first thing you did was wrote yourself a letter agreeing to you sharing your internet connection. If you haven't May have to report you to your ISP....

    To quote the terms and conditions if you are not familiar.
    "Who can use the Internet service

    Unless we have agreed with you specifically, in writing, you cannot resell or provide the service to anyone else not connected with you or your company or household. You must ensure that any passwords we supply for use with the service are kept confidential, and must notify us immediately if you realize they have been compromised. To clarify, this relates to the reselling of an internet connection, such as running a radio network or cable to neighbouring houses or offices - however operating a cyber cafe or similar business is acceptable use."

    You also need to make sure your neighbour is aware of the AASISP Acceptable use policy :p

  2. LOL
    they are buying from AAISP, not me!


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