Lost without email

It really is a nightmare not having working email during the day - yes I can catch up in the evening, but I spend half my life on email during the day and it is mad without it.

Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of the crazy issues we are seeing with email being so slow shortly. I can really understand the frustration caused to customers as we use exactly the same system.

I mean, what the hell are you meant to do when you plug a server in to a switch and just see loads of packet loss? Changing cable, switch, server, ports, not helping. In the end we put it in to a different make of switch to get it to play. And all this was moving cables to reduce number of switches involved in the NFS disk server LAN. And after all that it did not help!


Yah! I have email now!!


  1. Seems if I really am patient enough I do see emails, but slooooow

  2. I had been seeing a slow-down in email performance for several months now (the slowness started last September but has got progressively worse). It used to be snappy and I would click on a folder or email and it would open, instantly. Then there started to be up to a few seconds of delay (often more) in the evenings but I saw this as acceptable. Daytime performance was dire (even in webmail) and I often stopped checking my email as it was frustrating watching my client timeout.
    I have mentioned this a few times in the AAISP newsgroup (under my posting alias and real name), which coincidentally at about the same time AAISP support seem to have given up posting to (apart for using as a place to send status updates)
    I started making queries to move my domains a few weeks ago because of this. Yesterday and partly due to the most recent performance, the move completed. Performance is now exactly the same as how it was with AAISP many months ago. I click on a folder or email and it just opens with no egg timer in sight.
    All a shame really as I used to be one of your biggest advocates for your email services (and still am for other services)

  3. Thanks for the feedback - we do know, and have the new disk server on order so it'll should be back to being snappy once again.


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