Virgin offer

Well, Virgin have sent an offer. If I go in with my existing phone, TV and broadband bills and they are unable to offer me a better deal then they will pay me £50. The comparison is based on a like for like comparison of services...

Hmmm. Tempting to go in with A&A staff price bill for fibre link to house and see if they can better that... But maybe not worth the hassle.

However, it occurred to me, reading their terms, that you don't actually have to have a cheaper price service now to get the £50. They simply have to be unable to offer you a better deal, and one way they could be unable to offer a better deal is if they don't actually offer the service you have now - i.e. are unable to offer any deal that matches what you have now.

Now, do they do native IPv6? If not then you go in with A&A bill and keep asking how much for native IPv6 on your broadband until they confirm they can't do it. At which point it is "so you cannot offer me a better deal on a like for like service? I'll have my £50 please...".

The same may well apply for blocks of IPv4 addresses, or reverse DNS delegation, or any number of things which (I assume) they don't do, or don't do at a sensible price...

You have to get the junk mail to take up the offer, but I'll be fascinated if anyone tries this.


  1. I don't live in a Virgin covered area. I want one of those offers. :-)

  2. Oh you must try calling them out on this and let us know how it goes!

  3. Can I have the staff fibre connection?
    As much as I like the Virgin connection thats just been installed, I'd rather be with A&A!

  4. I get those all the time. I'm not in a virgin covered area (my next door neighbour is, however.. I'm right on the edge of the coverage zone). I get about one virgin advert a week.

    One of these days I'll ring them up all enthusiastic and say "I'd love to take you up on your offer!" and watch them squirm as they can't actually do it..

  5. grrr... and I've binned that spam before reading it. Hope they will send another one soon. Will be nice to have Virgin sponsor booze next time out :)

  6. Give me the A&A fibre bill il go do it, almost any hassle is worth the £50, and even better if i go into reading il just hit up all of the virgin stores there at once, il make a killing! :D

  7. Virgin won't even give you a single static IPv4 address, so I wouldn't expect them to match anything remotely more technical.


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