OFCOM can't even write their own phone number correctly


Your news item on http://www.ofcom.org.uk/media/news/2010/03/nr_20100317
ends with :-

(+44) (0)300 123 4000

That is *NOT* the right way to quote a telephone number, and OFCOM should know better. How can OFCOM expect telcos to follow any of the rules if they themselves cannot follow the simplest of ITU specifications?



  1. Ok, really wanting to know what the 'right' format is now.

  2. I ranted on this a while ago. There is an international spec that defines the + on the front. It outlaws the use of ( and ) and the initial nation prefix.

    So, for national use

    0300 123 4000

    for international use

    +44 300 123 4000

    There is no valid "for use nationally and internationally in one string" usage, and lots of reasons why making them up serves only to confuse those no knowing + format and annoy those that do.

    The spacing of the 1234000 is not mandated. In fact the spacing in 3001234000 is not as it is not an area code that has local dialling. Where there is local dialling, e.g. 020 7123 4567 you space at the area code and can eve have brackets, (020) 7123 4567 for national use. International never has brackets or the leading 0, so +44 20 7123 4567

  3. Their links are broken as well, e.g. "http://rhprod-webstg01:8080/www.ofcom.org.uk". I imagine they left out the http:// and their CMS has treated them as relative links.

  4. HAHAHA rookie mistakes, its unbelievable that people so high up get such small things wrong

  5. That's colouring-in departments for you!

  6. Be thankful they don't still say 0207 123 4567.

  7. Am I allowed to say 0844 812 4262 and 08448 124262? ;-)

  8. As 0844 is not an "area code" and there is no local dialling, it is not really an issue. Just don't use (), e.g. (0844) 812 4262


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