I hate being ill

Damn cold, or whatever it's called these days man flu?

Bunged up ears and nose and soar throat and aching and tired and temperature. Not so much in the way of a headache for a change.

And I have a nasty feeling it is getting on to my chest now. Spent half the day asleep in bed!

It just means more work to do when I feel better and the emails are already mounting up.

So bloody annoying, that is all.

Wednesday - still not any better, but I have had some expert medical advice...
Thursday - definitely getting a bit better...

Well, going in to work tomorrow (Monday). I have a soar throat, cough and headache, but way better than I was at the start of the week.


  1. thats how i feel only when its a woman its real flu lol hope you feel better tomorrow. xx

  2. that's just how i feel today, but at least mine is real flu not the rubbish you men pretend to have lol, Hope you feel better tomorrow xx


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