They are taxing air now!!!

Looking at duty on cider, as is topical, and before the latest changes announced yesterday...

1 litre of still 8.4% cider, duty 47p
1 litre of sparkling 8.4% cider, duty £2.07

That's £1.60 to the government for the bubbles in a litre of fizzy strong cider (such as K).

So they are finally taxing thin air now!!!!

What the hell will they tax next.


P.S. I don't think I am misreading that reference. £2.07/litre duty on 8.4% fizzy cider. So 4x440ml of K cider is £3.64 duty (1.76l). Yet Tescos sell 4x440ml of K for £4.08 (£3.47+VAT). How?
P.P.S. Yes, I know it is probably CO2, but there is CO2 in air so it is close enough.

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  1. The duty is 6.46 per 24*500ml :)

    However this is cos C&C Brands which own Gaymers (probably illegally) tax it as under the code for Still cider!
    How they get away with this I do not know.

    (Called Gaymers and asked.)


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