Fed up

Well, nice way to start the weekend, fed up.

I need more customers, and have no idea on marketing :-)

I need suppliers (the un-named telco) not to screw me around with billing suddenly changing arrears billing to advance billing with no fucking notice.

I need things to go right for a bit.

Ho hum.

But apart from that, all is well :-)
I am sure I'll feel fine by the end of next week...

Update: We broke the Ethernet customers - arrrg - fixed, but just one more thing.

So, Saturday - do I sit and watch TV all day, or go and do some work...


  1. Could be worth using an agent to help with PR & marketing rather than trying to do it all "in house".

  2. agency is expensive like hell , but if good, can work out :)
    freebie newspaper ads with simple "broadband from Xgbp with router and excellent support" may also be one, just remember about KISS and you are fine

  3. Well Adrian, if it is any help I will be migrating 6 new lines over to you guys this week and ordering a new BE service too.

    Every little helps I suppose!

  4. You could find another beer festival to appear at - it only took 7 years for me to migrate most of our DSL lines to you after you came to Bewdley, and you've at least one more customer indirectly from that that I know of.

    You might be looking for a slightly quicker return on investment though I guess :)

  5. I wouldn't say you "have no idea of marketing".

    Your junk calls honeytrap posts got you on The Register and Slashdot. No mean feat in itself and I'm sure you got a lot of traffic because of this.
    The question is, did you see a spike in new accounts after that?

    If yes, do some more things like this. If not, then ask yourself what you can do to convert this raw traffic into paying customers. (Or get a marketing company :-) )

  6. If you can manage to get consumer-grade DSL routers sorted, I would have thought that come the middle of next year when the press start a frenzy on the IPV4 drought, you'll be in an excellent position to capitalise on already being fully IPV6 functional and "futureproof"
    There are realtively few other ISPs who ar and fewer who have been doing it for so long.

    Good things market themselves, they just need promotion.

  7. Definitely - I plan to do some marketing when we have IPv6 consumer routers and our business FireBrick IPv6 solutions as well. Early next year is when I expect shit and fan to collide and people suddenly wake up to IPv6.


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