Kicking myself

OK, mistakes happen, and generally when things break I start checking it was not me first...

Sadly, on this occasion, a stupid typo in my code meant that our LNS caused a tunnel to drop and reset once the sequence wrapped around (at 65535 messages). Silly mistake.

The problem, of course, is that this only happens after a long period of running perfectly. In this case a couple of months. So you naturally assume it is working well and so assume it must be our favorite telco screwing up as usual.

Well, red faced and kicking myself... Sorry to our favourite telco for hassling them for more than a day on this. ui32 changed to ui16 and all should be well. D'Oh...


  1. > ui32 changed to ui16
    or ui16 change to ui32 even?

  2. No, sequences are ui16, so my difference that was erroneously a ui32 was wrong.


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