Well, looks like my Pashley is finally giving up the ghost. Not sure how safe it is to cycle with it like that, but they have silly lead times getting new ones.

Maybe I can buy a new frame. Ho hum.


  1. If it's a well-loved device, surely it's worth getting a bit of tasteful, loving repair carried out?

  2. ...or find someone with some welding gear to fix it?

  3. One of the many pluses of the otherwise uber-heavy Pashley is the steel frame, which anyone with a modicum of brazing experience should be able to fix.

    Unless I'm misinterpreting the pic, it looks like the lug at the top/steerer tube has fractured, not the top tube itself. If there aint enough material left in the lug to make a good join, getting a new jub should be simple enough - though might be easier to get one from an old Pashley of the same type than ordered new.


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