Sky TV fail!

So, chasing a problem with a subscription we cancelled last year and still billed for...

1. They call me and ask me for my password, and fail to see the problem!
2. They then email as multipart/alternative with a text part that is just "No content"

Notes for the non techies:-

1. It could be anyone calling asking for my sky password. Bank do this as well. They say "its about the letter you sent" and seem to think that helps. I could call hundreds of people and say that and some would have sent a letter, and bingo I get their password.

2. When you send an email you can send in various ways. One way is "plain text" which is just what it sounds like. One way is "html" which is formatted like a web page, so "prettier". Sky could have sent a "web page" formatted email and I would have been able to read it. They could have sent "plain text" and also fine. There is however a way to send an email saying "there are two different versions attached, take your pick, they say the same thing", and then attach both plain text and web page format. Sky did this. Except the plain test part had only the text "No content". So they are deliberately offering a choice when the could have just sent the web page format. Brain dead!

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