No shame!

Well, we had a junk call that came through and was put through to a junk call handling number. It was not one to a spare number so was not handled automatically. The message they got was quite a rude one.

The owner of the company has had the cheek to call me up and complain about it. She has absolutely no concept that marketing calls to TPS listed numbers is not allowed and no remorse and no intention of stopping making such calls.



  1. Co-incidentally the ICO replied to a complaint I raised ages ago, so I gave them get name and number so they can call her :-)

  2. I long for the day when one lands here - it won't be handled automatically but the message they'll get will be "quite rude" in several major languages.

  3. would love to hear their rude message to you revk

  4. Too right.

    Have had enough of those idiots in telemarketing calling us up on the landline in my student home .

    Would also be very interested to listen to this "rude" message as you put it.

  5. Over a friends last night, and his home-phone rang (which is obviously a marketing call). He answered "Good evening Curry's how can I help" and they hung up on him. Sometimes, it's the simple ones


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