Bah, humbug!

Well, it is that time of year.

TBH, Christmas is a time where customers do not hassle me for days on end and I can get some real work done :-)

But it is also a time for presents. Basically, this means, things you might get for kids because it is nice are delayed until Christmas. Any other time of the year if the kids wanted something or I felt like getting something, that would happen. But in December things are delayed. Kind of odd arrangement. Birthdays are a bit like that too.

I would rather give gifts when I have reason to or can do so, and make any day special. It is more of a surprise. More fun.

Of course Christmas is also a time for finding a fucking huge corporation tax bill, just a month before a nice big personal tax bill. Perfect timing for spending extra on nice things, not! The fact the accountants have dragged their heels for 9 months and so I am not sure what I owe does not help either. Arrrg!

So, Merry Humbug :-)


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