Test one unknown at a time

New FB2700s are being shipped and so when a customer could not get tunnels set up properly we spend ages trying to find the cause, assuming it is the FB2700 as it is all new code.

Turns out, having spent all day on this, one of his DSL lines filters some UDP traffic which meant the tunnels did not work. Thankfully the port mapping functions make it easy to work around once we know the problem!

But we got to try about 3 different ways of setting it up which is nice. We even tried PPPoE before discovering the combination of line, provider, and router meant it would not do it!

Oh, and yes, PPPoE is all coded as well now, and is standard in the base model.

All in all a good couple of days development, all the better for some turkey and trifle.

More to do next week! Ho Ho Ho

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