Soul of a new machine

Well, FB2700 is racing forward and we have them for sale now. I should have a large pile of the by end of the week :-)

The staff use ones have managed to highlight several opportunities for improvement (as bugs might be called) and they have realised (aka fixed).

Much to do, but the more people we can get using them in anger, the more feedback we get...


  1. Hi, will this be suitable for a leased line? It is currently 40Mbit, but can be upgraded to 100Mbit at a later date.

    We are keen on QOS, as we use VOIP. We also use VPN on a regular basis...

    Been looking for something like this for a while (currently using PFSense).

  2. Yes, we expect to handle 200Mb/s or more, but not bench marked yet.

  3. How well do your current products control the downstream with QOS? The only product we have found that does well is PFSense, as it has RED.

    Is it rack mountable, do you have a picture?

  4. The existing products have comprehensive shaping to allow prioritisation of VoIP and such like managing against the broadband bandwidth and even controlling inbound traffic to maintain headroom for VoIP.

    The new FB2700 will have a range of smiler features. Sme shaping is in the design now, but we except there to be demand for the same range of options as the Fb105.

    Pictures real soon now.

  5. Brilliant, I am really tempted to order one.

    Thank you for answering all of my questions.

  6. The most important question of all - Do you have any shiny pictures of said device? ;) I noticed the FB webite doesn't seem to have any yet.

  7. I'll try and get some tomorrow. Been too busy today.


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