Bank with clue?

I am looking for a bank that can provide me with any sort of real time electronic notification of incoming "faster payments".

Basically, I'm trying to find a way to make it easy for people to pay us for things using FP without the current manual checking process with our on-line banking.

I am not getting any where with google. So anyone got any clues?

I don't mind how it notifies: email, text (to and 01/02 number), SOAP/XML, or what, as long as we can, in some sort of real time, extract the details of incoming payments as they happen.

In an ideal world it would be SOAP/XML such that we can even provide the response message or even reject an invalid payment.

I have various business ideas that could make good use of this, including pre-pay data SIMs and so on.


  1. That would be fantastic, along with notification of incoming non faster payments. I generally give up on dealing with banks. Less flexible institutions I have not encountered.

  2. I think HSBC can offer this ( http://www.hsbcnet.com/gbm/products-services/transaction-banking/integrated-banking.html ), but it gives the feeling of "quite expensive" to me. http://www.banklink.co.uk/ may also be able to help (I know our accountants, Crunch, use them for HSBC statement integration)

    If you do find a decent one, please let the world know!

  3. yup. +1 for this. I asked them for this and they tried to sell me hsbcnet, which wouldn't do it anyway!

  4. There's some kind of EU payment initiative: www.mybankpayments.eu
    It says it will support real time payment info. However, it will only help if most of the banks sign up to it, which they haven't yet; because a customer can only use it if their bank is in. The scheme looks like it is the incumbent's attempt to make a paypal-killer.

  5. No chance you can script the login and check for new transactions by scraping their online banking every X minutes?

    1. Considered it but just not the same. We want people paying us and things like blocked DSL lines instantly start working, or blocked pre-pay data SIM instantly starts working, etc. Delaying to next poll even if 10 minutes is not on.

    2. Have it log in and refresh the statement page every minute, 30 seconds or less?

    3. Isn't FPS supposed to be "within 2 hours" rather than "instant" anyway?

  6. Accept bitcoins! You could try https://bitpay.com

  7. Have you tried contacting http://www.vocalink.com/products/payments/faster-payments-managed-service.aspx who appear to "manage" the whole Faster Payments system


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