1. Ah, you corrected the typo. I was going to ask what a "RIPE A&A Voice SIM" was! :-)

    What's the story behind this - is there an article somewhere explaining what happened?

    Cheers, Howard

    1. Three pulled the plug on it, which is a real shame.
      Happy to talk to any other mobile operators.

    2. Still hoping for a replacement

    3. This is a shame, and seems sudden - indeed, AQL still have the service listed on their own website as available, presumably from a lack of update! Could Three's rationale for ending data+voice services apply to the data-only service as well, or is that safe?

      I would expect O2 to be amenable to a suitable MVNO setup, with Fujitsu having previously delivered the integration side - of course, whether the prices could work or there would be enough volume to cover costs is the real question there.

      A shame, just a few days ago I was thinking how nice it would be if I could port my landline and mobile to A&A and have proper integration between the two!

    4. 6 months notice, so not that sudden. I am assured data SIMs are no problem (i.e. are profitable).

    5. How come Three decided to pull the plug?

  2. Do they not like the colour of your money?

  3. I presume Three pulled it as it wasn't profitable enough - sadly they could have made it *much* more profitable if they'd got a decent plan in place on at least European roaming. I had a good number of potential customers who would have taken them up if only they did roaming...

  4. At least any replacement, not being on 3, will enable 2G handsets to be used. Do AA have any specific requirements of a provider?


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