Clue bat

So, I took the clue bat round to one customer this morning. Explained that the telephones were doing exactly what they had in fact asked for :-)

I then felt rather guilty as they actually asked me to go over to give us a rather nice present.

The next AAISPISSUP we have, I may have to open it and share it around.

Aged 28 years, 58.4% ABV.

It is nice to know that some customers do appreciate the hard work. Thanks Daryl and Guy.


  1. This is an excellent Dram from the recent SMWS Grain Week!
    I tasted it recently: enjoy it.

    1. What sort of price is a bottle like that, out of interest?

    2. http://www.smws.co.uk/whisky/G7.4_Buttery_waffles_on_polished_wood.html


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