Now, that's a sign!

Same trick as yesterday - 1Dx with 24mm T&S, on tripod, almost level too :-)

Only they took longer. We left them to it. I came out and looked and said "you know that is not centred"... Well, that added another hour or so to take it all down and do it again, and meant well over 10,000 images before we ran out of a 32GB card. Got some final images after transferring a few hundred and deleting. I should have scripted image transfer and delete as well!

Now to find how we make over 18,000 images in total in to a time lapse video.

Still, I am well chuffed at the new sign.


  1. Next job is to get that down pipe on the guttering fixed.

  2. Very cool - but 18k pictures? That's about 5% of the shutter's rated life on the 1Dx!

  3. VirtualDUB is supposed to be able to combine Jpeg images into a time lapse.

    1. VirtualDub can definitely combine PNG and JPG images into a time lapse -- I used it for some stop-motion animation with my son the other weekend.

      Whether it can cope with 18K pictures is another question entirely...

  4. OK, new for new CEOs a new logo is a must have. But for an incumbent ...?

  5. Are you sure it's not upside-down? :-)

    So when are you opening your first Channel Tunnel, as the logo implies? ;-)

    (I've also just realised it's the circuit-diagram symbol for two microphones...)



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