Thanks for everyone who visited our stand at ORGCON 2013.

It was an honour to sponsor the event. I manned the stall the whole time so did not catch any of the talks, sadly, but I understand they were good, and we got the chance to ensure many of the staff heard the messages and understand the mission of ORG.

Thanks for the "I recognise you from The Internet" from one young lady, and the many comments of encouragement from all. We are determined to stick to our principles and challenge laws and courts that may try otherwise in anyway we can - and importantly we aim for transparency in what we do.

We hope you enjoy the free pint glass. If you did not managed to get one, do say when ordering service and we'll make sure we send you one. I am glad everyone like the "clue bat", but we have taken back to the office in case we need to apply it to BT or any other suppliers...


  1. [cheeky mode on]
    Adrian, any spare aa.net.uk pint glasses for not-so-new customers ? :-)
    [/cheeky mode off]

    1. Best to talk nicely to Teresa in the office on Monday...


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