It's a sign

We have been having a fun time with re-branding. The old "ANDREWS & ARNOLD" logo and the "aaisp.net" logo have been with us a long time, and for the first time we have gone for a new logo. It is not just for Internet services, it is for all "A&A" stuff. So time to put on the office itself.

This is the end of the office, there is another to go on the front of the office tomorrow. TTC signs seem quite good at this.

I used a Canon 1DX on a tripod with a T&S 24mm L lens, placed horizontally and shifted up to frame the building. It was set up with manual focus, ISO, aperture, exposure (+1), and white balance. I set the wifi module to WTF server, and used curl on that.

You can access the camera using http authentication (-u in curl, and -L to redirect), and a cookie-jar setting. Then you can do a simple GET on /api/cam/rmt to make it take a picture. A simple script took a picture every second on the second. We took 8701 images of the sign going up. I went for "S" size (4.5 Mpix) using best quality JPEG. The battery lasted, to my surprise, as did the CF card. We plan to combine them in to a time lapse movie which we'll post later.

Tomorrow we'll do the same for the sign on the front of the building.

I have to say that the end result looks look pretty professional. People will have no trouble finding us now.

Ah, the video is not all it seems...


  1. Cool. Care to share the history behind your company name?

    1. Names from the family - wife's maiden name, and mother's maiden name. Sadly the original Andrews (nanny Dolly) is dead, as is the Arnold (nanny Jan), but both were alive when the company started.

  2. But how did you take the picture of the camera!

    1. iPhone, but I could have used the 1DsIII I suppose.

  3. How did you ensure the 1dx didnt go walkies ? very cool setup. Slightly nicer than my 7d :-(


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