Free services are a problem

So, there are a lot of free services which are taken for granted. I know why they do it, but it is a problem.

iMessage is free

FaceTime is free

So when I get a stupid error, who the hell do I complain to? Who do I refuse to pay ? Who do I sue?

But these are essential services now. This is not good. I would rather be paying £1/month than have them free - then I have a contract and I can sue for damages. They have an incentive for it to work.



  1. Pardon me, but ITYM *depending* on free services to the point that you consider them "essential services" is a problem.

    1. Indeed, although these free services are a key feature of the expensive phone in this case :-)

  2. It always surprises me that the Rev drives an iPhone for exactly this reason...

  3. Could you argue that you purchased the phone in good faith of these services being provided? Since apple advertises these features heavily is there an argument for that is part of what you purchased?


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