Happy New Year

Well, another year over. Welcome 2014, and Happy New Year to you all.

This blog is an odd mix - with serious comment on technical and political and consumer issues, as well as interesting technical posts like 3D printers, and s/w design, as well as silly things. Some times I have my views and explain them, with other times asking what people think if I really do not know the answers. The debate is always interesting, and occasionally controversial.

But the blog would be nothing if nobody read it. According to the stats from blogspot, I have finally reached the million page views, and December's total confirms that. 1,011,157 wow!

Once again, I have looked back at what makes my blog popular and again I am at a loss. If I understood this shit I would be dangerous. I wonder if people that do marketing professionally really understand it too.

Of the top 10 pages ever, there is one that stands out as a likely candidate, What a moron... (No. 6) being a page about an pre-recorded response to junk callers, catching hundreds of them. It is a common annoyance that we can all get behind.

But then, oddly, * is also there (No 8), and that is a very specific technical issue of a bug in asterisk. That seems such a specific issue that I am amazed it is up there. It could be that a blog post with such a simple title gets people intrigued, or something. No idea.

The top hits are سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتخ (No. 2) which controversially crashed a lot of iOS devices, or did it? I checked before posting that it did not crash mind because of the way bloodspot presented it. The issue of the crash, and that I posted it, were both controversial, making Crashing blog post No. 1 page with over 300,000 page views!

But then you get somewhat unexpected pages, like § (No. 3) and Stranger key on my keyboard! (No. 5), Really strange key on my keyboard? (No. 7) and Strange key on my new keyboard? (No. 9). I mean WTF? These are just silly posts about keyboards. Why are keyboard posts so popular?

Finally, there are posts about blog posts! Popular blog post (No. 4) and New blogger - has no title on posts (No. 10) which are almost as strange!!!

I am sure 2014 will bring more debate on Internet filtering, and 3D printing, but we'll see what other topics take my fancy. Happy New Year all.

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  1. I've finally been able to read this post and the end of the one after it having got access to a laptop again. All over Christmas I was using my iOS 6 iPad where the browser crashed on your No. 2 page example text above. I have my reasons for not upgrading to iOS 7, mainly I can't read the smaller text without my reading glasses. I'm also about to downgrade GoodRead back to the previous version for the same text size issue.