Thank you (iMessage)

Finally, it seems 6 character emails can, once again, receive iMessages. This is great news for those of us with short email addresses (including many of my family).

I know that this was the result of various reports in to Apple by several people, and I'd like to thank you all for your help in this.

It is a shame that Apple seem to be immune from the normal rules of being a telco (even if done for free, they contract with end users under their T&Cs to provide a telecoms service, and you have to buy their stuff, so paying money, to so that). OFCOM feel they do not have to provide ADR even. If nothing else, it is useful to know how one can be outside the rules - it may be useful one day.

But, once again, thank you all.

Update: Thanks for the comments and tweets - this was really about iMessage working again - but the implications for stepping outside the rules really do get interesting, especially as and when there are stronger (legislative) moves to filter Internet content. Ways to not be within the scope of such rules could be handy :-)

Update: .... and it is not working again, FFS.

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  1. Sell a really expensive modem with a hardcoded encryption key that's based on the date bought and so stops working after 12 months and offer them the broadband as free when using that modem.

    If they want to continue using the free internet after 12 months they need to buy a new super expensive modem with the latest encryption key


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