Web site operators will have to apply to UK government to allow their web site to be seen by UK citizens

Sounds like an unlikely headline, but how far from the truth is that I wonder?

The BBC article on whitelisting sites to not be accidentally black listed is clearly making this one step closer to reality.

The next step, obviously, is that they realise that the existing porn blocking is simply not good enough as it will miss so many sites. But they have this whitelisting system in place - all they have to do is block everything except the whitelist, and problem solved.

This really need stamping on - it is simply getting silly.

The politicians clearly have no clue. They think porn blocks are even possible (without making "the Internet" in to a whitelist of web sites only), and they even think that a "nanny state" of default blocks is sensible.

We have people like Baroness Howe using A&A as an example for why we need legislation on this, not realising that we already meet her proposed measures. That makes us an example of not needing legislation as her worst example already complies, yet all of this with no evidence of any actual harm caused in the first place!

Do we really want access to information in this country to be government controlled and censored?


So please talk to your MP and tell them this nonsense must stop now.


  1. Dear Government.

    Please see your way to allow other people to see my website www.criticalofthegovernment.co.uk by allowing it on your state controlled white list.

    From Alex

  2. I was thinking of registering conservativesexcuses.co.uk and populating it with u-turns made by our 'leaders'. I wonder if that would get blocked based upon having the act of procreation as a happy co-incidence or if it would simply be blocked due to them not liking it up 'em. I also wouldn't discriminate by having laboursexcues and libdemsexcuses too :)

  3. I wonder how much of this is to do with the lobbying of the likes of Sky. The traditional media giants have lost their stranglehold with the web and I'm sure would love a way to regain control.

    Given the close ties between the Murdoch empire and the current government, coupled with the rather convenient blocking of code.jquery.com by sky the other day ( hence rendering many smaller/ independent sites inoperable) my tin foil hat is starting to warm up.

  4. but you and opt out of filter (or opt in)


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