How do girls cope?

This is a pain - they put make up on when you go on TV, and you then use your iPhone and get make up all over the screen.

How do women use iPhones?


It also seems I was "PORN GUEST X" on the Sky schedule today. Not sure if honoured, or cross! All publicity is good publicity though, they say.


  1. I think that you were touted as the inventor of internet porn! Quite a title!


    1. What the? I had to play the clip again to check that was not something they splashed up.

    2. Never actually saw the footage - a friend of mine posted the picture on Facebook and I recognised the subject. That is you is it not?

    3. That's totally something to be proud of. I'm almost tempted to get you one of those English Heritage Plaques "Adrian Kennard - Inventor of Internet Porn Lived Here"

    4. I'm wondering whether it would be slander or libel. I mean technically they wrote it down, but it was on screen so maybe it was slander instead?


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